FPV Experience

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Ownership: you've joined a very exclusive club!

At FPV we design and engineer performance vehicles around one person - you!

Every car we make is purpose built to give you the enthusiast, the ultimate driving experience.

We optimise engine performance, braking efficiency, handling finesse and leading edge safety technology to give you a muscular vehicle that consistently delivers Total Performance every time you sit behind the wheel.



FPV wants you, the driver, to perform with total confidence and that's why every new FPV owner is invited to participate in the FPV Performance Drive Day*. FPV is the only Australian company that offers this advanced driving course, run by John Bowe Driving, as part of the ownership experience.

*The FPV Performance Drive day is available only to customers who have purchased a new FPV in Australia. Terms and conditions apply – see owner's compendium for full details.

Complimentary 3 year Premium Roadside Assistance.

FPV Premium Roadside Assistance is standard on all Ford Performance Vehicles models. FPV Premium Roadside Assistance provides a comprehensive range of services designed to give you total peace of mind motoring, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Datadot - High Tech Theft Protection.

All FPV vehicles are treated with 7000 microscopic data dots to deter professional thieves and, failing that, making recovery and identification simpler. Even the FPV paint delivers Total Performance.

MyFord Extended warranty.

Everyone's needs are different, so depending on how often and how far you drive your FPV, you can choose from a range of options to extend your warranty.

Select 12, 24 or 36 months, for a distance of 100,000km or 200,000km, whatever suits you best.

Get the most from your FPV - take it over three. Talk to your participating FPV dealer about extending your warranty.


Dunlop Tyres


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Every new FPV model benefits from direct input from our preferred tyre manufacturer, Dunlop. FPV's chassis design and vehicle dynamics are a direct result of this high performance partnership and the reason we recommend like-for-like tyre replacement with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx.


Castrol Oils


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FPV has chosen Castrol as the recommended lubricants for our high performance engines.


Castrol's advanced technology oil is formulated to optimise race- track performance and not only meets, but exceeds the standards demanded by FPV engineers.

You're passionate about high-performance cars and the Blue Oval. So here's how to take that passion to a new level.

This is where you can find out how to join one of our associated car clubs and become a supporter at the many Ford Performance Vehicles events.


FPV / XR Club of Victoria
Business Address PO Box 6086 Karingal, VIC 3199
Email clubinfo@fpvxrclub.com
Web Site http://www.fpvxrclub.com
President Sean Finn
Mobile 0413 566 086

Falcon GT Club of Australia
Business Address PO Box 351 South Morang, VIC 3752
Email info@falcongtclub.org
Web Site http://www.falcongtclub.org
President Lee Mammarella

South Australia

Tickford / FPV Club SA - Inc
Business Address PO Box 10005 Adelaide BC, SA 5000
Email president@tickfordclub.com.au
Web Site http://www.tickfordclub.com.au
President Peter Trezise
Phone 0412 645 048
General Enquiries - 0421 274 908

XR8/XR6 & FPV Club of SA
Business Address PO Box XR8, Oaklands Park, SA 5046
Email president@xrclubofsa.com.au
Web Site www.xrfpvclubofsa.com.au
President Gary Paul
Mobile 0405 606 799
Secretary Kerrianne Ryan

Falcon GT Club of South Australia
Business Address PO Box 289, Kent Town, SA 5071
Email secretary@gtclubsa.com.au
Web Site http://www.gtclubsa.com.au
President Peter Polson
Mobile 0423 162 180

FPV & XR Car Club - South Australia
Business Address PO Box 56, Ingle Farm, SA 5098
Email info@fpvxrclub.com.au
Web Site http://www.fpvxrclub.com.au
President Daniel Shevlin
Mobile 0458 371 575


XR6 and XR8 Club of Queensland
Business Address PO Box 1296 Springwood, QLD 4127
Email management@xrclub.com
Web Site http://www.xrclub.com
President Shane Wardrop
Mobile 0418 499 352
Secretary Alan Bardsley
Mobile 0418 240 006

Falcon GT Club of Queensland
Business Address PO Box 1351, Brisbane, QLD 4001
Web Site http://www.falcongtclub.net
President Mick Leon
Mobile 0407 201 792

FPV Owners Club of QLD inc.
Business Address PO Box 1554 Oxenford, QLD 4210
Phone 0417 549 472
Fax 07 309 0506
President Stuart Brown

New South Wales

FPV-Tickford Club of NSW Inc.
Business Address PO Box 131, Chester Hill, NSW 2162
Web Site http://www.fpvclub.com
President Paul Vaughan
Mobile 0419 170 620
Secretary Steve Lamb

Falcon GT Owners Club of NSW Inc
Business Address PO Box 6563, Wetherill Park DC, NSW 1851
Email admin@falcongtclubnsw.com
Web Site http://www.falcongtclubnsw.com

Falcon Tickford FPV Car Club of NSW
22 Aveline Place, HASSALL GROVE, NSW 2761
Web Site http://www.ftf.org.au
President David Draper
Phone 0439 988 081

Western Australia

FPV/Tickford Owners Club of Western Australia
Business Address PO BOX 345, Leederville, WA 6903
Email mail@fpvtickfordclubwa.com.au
Web Site http://www.fpvtickfordclubwa.com.au
President Peter Sertis
Mobile 0412 836 411
Phone 08 93065876
Secretary Lynda Nyssen

Falcon GT Club of Western Australia
Business Address PO Box 322, Cloverdale, WA 6105
Email enquiries@falcongt.com
Web Site http://www.falcongt.com
President Gary Thirwell
Mobile 0418 883 394


FPV/Tickford and XR Club of Tasmania
Business Address 2 Highgate Street, Youngtown, Tasmania 7249
Email info@tastickfordclub.asn.au
Web Site http://www.tastickfordclub.asn.au
President Tim Mann
Mobile 0438 728 935

Falcon GT Club of Tasmania
Business Address PO Box 450, Moonah, TAS 7009
Email denturecentre@bigpond.com
Web Site http://www.gtfordtas.com
President Rodney Williams
Mobile 0418 123 056


FPV & XR Owners Club of ACT
Business Address PO Box 39 Canberra ACT 2601
Email info@fpvxrclubact.com
Web Site http://www.fpvxrclubact.com
President Dave Connolly
Mobile 0437 500 757

New Zealand

FPV & Tickford Club of New Zealand
NZ FPV & Tickford Owners Club Inc
P.O. Box 48 239 Silverstream Upper Hutt 5142
email c_cunningham@xtra.co.nz
Web Site http://www.tickfordclub.org.nz
Ph 06 877 6781
Fax 06 870 6203
President : Clyde Cunningham Q.S.M

GT Falcon Club of New Zealand Inc.
Business Address PO Box 2441, Auckland NZ
Email GT_Falcon@paradise.net.nz
Web Site http://www.gtfalcon.co.nz
President Charles Walburn
Phone 09 277 8054
Fax 09 277 8054
Mobile 021 416 008